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last weekend, Derrick, his cousin, and I drove 125km NE of Edmonton to the town of Hairy Hill. someone claimed it's a ghost town, and have some pretty interesting night photographs of the abandoned buildings, which made Derrick (and myself) drool in excitement. due to some (worthwhile) stops along the way, we got there just minutes before the sun goes down, and the light is not hitting the first few abandoned buildings that we saw in any flaterring way. but that's not the disappointing part, there is a new Mustang parked on one of the garages, there are pet cats everywhere, not to mention a large dog that prevented Derrick from getting a shot of another building. we started hearing people chatting from nearby houses, then we found some newly renovated houses. in short, no, this place is definitely no ghost town! well, we had no choice but to just shoot and pretend that the whole place is indeed abandoned, hehe!

oh yes, this image is a shot of a glass door of an abandoned store, and the house on the reflection is abandoned, too =)