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first, my sincerest apology for the three days of missed posting. friday was a very busy day in preparation for the weekend's extemporaneous trip to jasper. without the email from Wei at Portscan, i wouldn't have checked the weather website, and would not realize the lovely weather that was in store for us. big thanks to you, bro! and like I mentioned to you on my email, most of our trips are really unplanned. this one's a very good example ;)

with a big YES from Nel when I asked her if she wants to spend the weekend at jasper, we started preparing everything we need for the trip. and yeah, the yet another increase in fuel price didn't discourage us at all =)

here's a teaser for a week or two of jasper photos ;) i spent ten minutes of my time before going to work this morning to upload the files from my CF memory card, and randomly select an image for today's posting. this was taken on our short stop at the first of the many pull offs on the way to the Mt.Edith Cavell viewpoint.