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i bumped into this nice guy near the city hall, and had a short conversation with him.

mr. nice guy: "are you a photographer?"
me: "uhm yeah,.. but just an amateur. i am doing this as a hobby."
mr. nice guy: "so what do you photograph?"
me: "oh nothing in particular, everything, everyday things."
mr. nice guy: "i always wanted to become a photographer, i like to take pictures."
me: "oh i see, so you use to take pictures too?"
mr. nice guy: "yes. here, why don't you take a shot of this trees. just don't include this part(pointing to the right hand area where there is an MRT station signage), this steel thing."
me: "do you think it's gonna turn up good?"
mr. nice guy: "yeah, just don't include that bike at the far (right) end."
me: "ok, how about these flowers at the foreground, should i include them?"
mr. nice guy: "sure, just try not to include the concrete"
camera: "click!"
mr. nice guy: "i meet a lot of photographers here and they always want to take pictures of me."
me: "so would you mind if a take your photograph?"
mr. nice guy: "no, i wouldn't mind."
me: "ok, why don't you sit there. it would be nice to have the pool on the background."
camera: "click, click!"
me: "aight man, nice meeting you."
mr. nice guy: "do you have a pen, why don't you write down my address so you could send me a copy of my pictures."
me: "oh yeah, sure! but i don't have a pen, what's your address?"
mr. nice guy: "_ _ _ _ _, 47 street."
me: "ok, _ _ _ _ _, 47 street. i'll mail it to you in a week or two. see yah!"
mr. nice guy: "thanks man!"