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our spring-like week's finally over. in a blink of an eye, our city is once again covered with snow, back to being a winterland. this weather i'm experiencing is quite amazing, one day you're out on a tee and a light jacket on a relatively warm winter day, then the next day you'd have to layer your clothing again because the temperature had suddenly plummeted back to minus double digits. but it's been fun!

in manila, you can survive the whole year with the same set of clothing. usually a pair of jeans and a shirt on a casual day, unless ofcourse it suddenly rains. that's why an umbrella is a must, with the triple-foldable ones being the most handy. you never know when it's gonna rain, so they could just sit on your bag for a week and be pulled out when needed. no jacket necessary, they won't be of any help and would still leave you soaking wet when the rain starts pouring.

if you'd lived in manila, there's a big chance that you've experienced being trapped on one place (workplace, school or if your lucky, on a friend's house) for almost a day (or worst, overnight) after a severe thunderstorm had suddenly arrived without anyone noticing (not even the weather forecasters). taxis are all gone, and private cars either unusable with more than half of the roads impassable due to flood, or stucked on tremendous traffic jams that moves at two kilometers per hour. now that's more fun, ain't it?