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i've been getting a lot(yeah, for me that's already a lot) of helpful and flaterring comments on the site lately, to which i'm really glad. hopefully things would stay the same. i don't have a traffic tool to monitor performance, so i don't really know how well my site's doing day by day. i'm not really after the hits, but i guess being able to sense how the visitors are finding your site is important. if the other day i have 20, and then yesterday i only have 10, then the entry that was seen by those 20 visitors might not be that appealing to them that some decided not to return the next day.

right now the only way for me to figure out how well(or bad) i am doing is thru comments, and i'm happy i am getting some. hopefully lurkers, if there are any, would start writing something up. that way i'd know there are someone else out there =)

as for today's entry, i chose black and white because the sky is grayish blue, and i want to emphasize on the perspective, texture and lines. how i wish it's a lot sharper, unfortunately getting too close to the subject resulted in too shallow a DOF even at f/11. i noticed on the EXIF that i was at the wide-end of my kit lens, it might have been better if i moved away a bit and just zoom-in for a tigher crop. but that would also mean i have to lie on the snow =)